Liurong Temple

Liurong Temple

Liurong Temple (Six Banyans Temple), in the eyes of Guangzhou folks, together with Guangxiao Temple (Bright Filial Temple), are the twin time-honored temples both with a history of over 1,500 years. Interesting is the fact that what makes Liurong Temple celebrated is not the six banyan trees, which once shaded the temple and resulted in such a temple name, but a colorful ancient pagoda. By contrast, it is several aged trees that stand as a highlight of Guangxiao Temple. Concerning those facts, Guangzhou people give a summary of the two temples that Liurong Temple features a great-looking pagoda whereas Guangxiao Temple boasts ancient trees.

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Flower Pagoda:

The central location of the pagoda makes it impossible for any visitor to skip such a treasure of the temple. The pagoda was first built in 537 A.D., Liang Dynasty, one of the Southern Dynasties (420-589) to bury the saint sarira in the first place and renovated with the current appearance and scale in the year 1358, Yuan Dynasty. Since then the 57-meter-high pagoda has been a gorgeous ancient high-rise building with a sophisticate gap of number between the 9 exterior storeys and 17 interior storeys. The colorful pagoda shows visitors an elaborate octagonal-faceted structure, decorated with ocher yellow eaves, scarlet barriers, white walls and bronze hanging bells, looking nothing short of a gigantic column of flower. The drop-dead marvelous stamen of the column goes to the on-top bronze pillar. It should reach as high as 9.14 meters, polished with 1023 Buddha embossed sculptures and a glittering pearl and supported by three bases. Such a stunning pagoda has won over a lovely nickname Flower Pagoda.

Flower Pagoda  Flower Pagoda

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