FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Canton Fair

How to Attend Canton Fair?

1. Overseas visitors and Chinese representatives with foreign companies' representative offices in China should apply for the Invitation Card (Paper one or E-Invitation) issued by Canton Fair;

2. Domestic enterprises should apply for the booths of Canton Fair to the local department in charge of foreign trade.

Who is Qualified to Apply for the Invitation Card?

1. Visitors with Overseas Passport (HK/Macau ID Card, Taiwan Compatriot Travel Certificate) or Overseas Residence Permit valid for over one year.

2. Chinese representatives with foreign companies' representative offices.

Why Should Visitors Apply for the Invitation Card?

Canton Fair has two kinds of Invitation Card for visitors, Paper Invitation Card and E-Invitation (Apply for E-Invitation)

With the Invitation Card, visitors could:

1. Get entry visa to China

2. Get registered and receive free entrance pass to the Fair.

How Should Chinese Representatives with Foreign Companies' Representative Offices in China Apply for the Invitation Card?

Chinese representatives with foreign companies' representative offices in China should apply for Invitation Cards with documents required:

1. Copy of Registration Certificate of Foreign Enterprises Permanent Office in China

2. Copy of Applicant's valid employee certificate issued by local Bureaus of Labor or foreign labor service companies

3. Copy of Applicant's ID Card

4. Company information, like Chinese name, postal address, telephone and fax number, and contact person.

Local Representatives without Canton Fair E-Invitation for Foreign Company's Representative Office in China, please accompany the overseas buyer or take his Authorization Letter, and your valid ID card, to make the entry card

Service Fee: RMB 300/day/person

Note: The Card is nominative and cannot be shared.

How Should Local Interpreters Get Registered?

ONLY ONE local interpreter is allowed for each overseas company each day and he or she must be accompanied and signature-confirmed by overseas buyers at Canton Fair Registration Center. Documents required:

1. Degree certificate of certain foreign language

2. Chinese ID Card & copy of the interpreter

3. Two passport photos with the size of 5cm*4cm

4. Service Fee: RMB 300/day/interpreter and RMB 30/card

Being a Regular Visitor to Canton Fair, I Have Not Received the Invitation Card for This Session. What Shall I Do?

Please kindly approach the Foreign Liaison Department, China Foreign Trade Centre for enquiry.

How to Apply for ENTRY BADGE to Canton Fair (Get Registered)?

The Entry Badge (Buyer Card or IC Card) is the ONLY official admission to the Canton Fair. Since the 104th Canton Fair (October 2008), IC Cards have been used as Entry Badge to the Fair and are valid for the future sessions, which save your time with an easy access.

Documents Required: Personal documents, Paper Invitation Card or printed E-Invitation Card, a recent photo with the size of 5cm*4cm, Business Card

1. On-site: Overseas Buyers' Registration Office in Canton Fair Pazhou Complex:

Phase 1: Apr./Oct. 14, 10:30-18:00    Apr./Oct. 15-18, 8:30-18:00    Apr./Oct. 19, 8:30-16:00

Phase 2: Apr./Oct. 23-26, 8:30-18:00    Apr./Oct. 27, 8:30-16:00

Phase 3: May 1-4/ Oct.31-Nov.3, 8:30-18:00

2. Overseas Buyers' Registration Office in Appointed Hotels

To avoid peak time and crowdedness, Canton Fair attenders are highly recommended to get registered at the Registration Offices in Appointed Hotels.

 Phase 1: Apr./Oct. 14-15, 8:30-20:00    Apr./Oct. 16-17, 8:30-18:00

 Phase 2: Apr./Oct. 22-23, 8:30-20:00    Apr./Oct. 24-25, 8:30-18:00

 Phase 3: April 30-May 2/Oct.29-Nov.1, 8:30-18:00    May 3/Nov.2, 8:30-14:00

Check our Canton Fair Hotel List, the Appointed Hotels are featured with icon  

3. Canton Fair Hong Kong Customer Service Centre

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 13:00, 14:00 – 17:00, Mon.-Fri. (Service for the whole year)

Add: Room 3106-3107, Office Tower, Convention Plaza, No.1 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Customer Service Hotline: (852) 2877 1318

Fax: (852) 2838 3169

>> More details please check Canton Fair Registration

How to Get Canton Fair Bulletin and Exhibitor Catalogue?

The bulletin and catalogue are available at the Bulletin Distribution Counter during the Fair.

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