Guangzhou Shopping & Wholesale Market

Guangzhou is not only famed as a business center or a tourism destination, but also a "Shopping Paradise". There are huge amount of shopping centers, malls and wholesale markets around the city, where you can find almost everything you want to buy - clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, household supplies, etc.

Where to buy

Highsun (Haiyin) Fabrics Market

Wool, silk, and various clothing materials are on offer at Highsun (Haiyin) Fabrics Market. Tailors are also on hand to help you create your own fashion.

Location: No.429, Yanjiang East Road, Dashatou of Yuexiu District

Highsun (Haiyin) Electrical Appliances Market

All kinds of electronic products are available here at Highsun (Haiyin) Electrical Appliances Market: TVs, hi-fis, computers, home appliances, mobile phones and cameras. And it’s all bargain-friendly.

Location: No.56-58, Donghu Road of Yuexiu District

Onelink International Toys & Gifts Wholesale Marke

Ranging from toys to handicrafts, from knick-knacks to decorations, from stationary to jewelry beads, here in Onelink, all are on offer.

Location: No.39 Jiefang Nan Road of Yuexiu District

Hualin Jade Street

The Hualin Jade Street is the biggest gemstone and jade wholesale and distribution center in South China. Discover fine jades and Chinese-style accessories here!

Location: Shangxiajiu area of Liwan District

Fangcun International Tea Market

The Fangcun International Tea Market is one of the renowned tea markets in South China, where nearly every kind of tea imaginable is available here. Taking a sip of tea, feel the fragrance and taste the elegant Chinese culture.

Location: Kengkou Village, Huadi Middle Avenue, Fangcun of Liwan District

Gangding Computer & Digital Products Shopping Circ

Featuring electrical and digital products retail and wholesales, the Gangding Area gathers lots of malls and shops, with products ranging from computer, laptop, tablet, digital camera to peripheral products. Three major malls are EGO Digital Plaza, Buynow Computer Mall and Pacific Digital Square.

Location: Gangding area of Tianhe District

Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street

Featuring medium and economical class and built in local architectural style Qilou, Shangxiajiu is one of the most popular shopping centers among the young people. The neighboring Zhuangyuan Fang Shopping Street and Yuefu Shopping Mall are also hot shopping spots. Jade articles can also be found in Hualin Street nearby.

Location: Shangxiajiu area of Liwan District

Tianhe District CBD Shopping Circle

Featuring superior and medium shopping class, this prosperous Tianhe CBD shopping circle gathers numerous shopping malls (Tee Mall, Grandbuy, Tai Koo Hui, etc.) and is on full display of all kinds of brands, whether top-class world brands or popular street ones. Restaurants, entertainment sites and the largest Guangzhou Book Center are also close by.

Location: Tiyu Xilu/ Tiyu Zhongxin Area, Tianhe District

Beijing Road and Surrounding Areas

Featuring superior and medium shopping class, Beijing Road is one of the busiest places for crazy shoppers. Clothing, accessories, bags... all are in arrays for your inspection. The nearby Guangzhou Cartoon Star City is a special spot for youths and comic fans.

Location: Beijing Road area of Yuexiu District

China Plaza and Surrounding Areas

Featuring superior and medium shopping class, China Plaza is a favorite shopping place blending shopping, catering and entertainment together. Trendy and fashion products can also be found in nearby Fashion Frontline and Dynasty Shopping Mall.

Location: Zhongshan San Road of Yuexiu District

World Trade Center and Taojin & Huale Road Shoppin

Featuring superior and medium shopping class, the World Trade Center and Taojin & Huale Road circle is an ideal place for businessmen and travels. This area centers top-class hotels and shopping malls (e.g. Friendship Store), offering a wide range of luxury brands and exported products to visitors.

Location: Huanshi East Road of Yuexiu District

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