Guangzhou Attractions
Guangzhou never falls short of scenic spots as the core city of Lingnan culture. The city’s temples, streets, parks, mountains, mansions and museums often collect sparks of history. Apart from the classic city emblems printed on countless tourism brochures like Five-Ram Stone Sculpture and Zhenhai Tower, the exquisite Cantonese-toned architecture, whose representatives are definitely Chen Clan Academy, Xiguan Mansions and Qilou, has been on the list of must-visit Guangzhou attractions. For insightful probe into the generous open-minded character of the city, the existence of exotic building compound on Shamian Island can’t be skipped. As regards simple leisure needs, the dazzling skylines along the new city axle like Canton Tower, Pearl River Night Cruise and Chimelong Paradise offer perfect experience.
Guangzhou Attraction

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