Guangzhou Attractions
Guangzhou never falls short of scenic spots as the core city of Lingnan culture. The city’s temples, streets, parks, mountains, mansions and museums often collect sparks of history. Apart from the classic city emblems printed on countless tourism brochures like Five-Ram Stone Sculpture and Zhenhai Tower, the exquisite Cantonese-toned architecture, whose representatives are definitely Chen Clan Academy, Xiguan Mansions and Qilou, has been on the list of must-visit Guangzhou attractions. For insightful probe into the generous open-minded character of the city, the existence of exotic building compound on Shamian Island can’t be skipped. As regards simple leisure needs, the dazzling skylines along the new city axle like Canton Tower, Pearl River Night Cruise and Chimelong Paradise offer perfect experience.
Guangzhou Attraction

Pearl River Night Cruise

How to capture the brilliant Guangzhouat most at one time? Take a cruise tour along the city's mother river – Pearl River!

Opening Hours: 18:40 ~ 22:00 every day

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Mausoleum of Nanyue King, Western Han Dynasty

Mausoleum of the Nanyue King is the oldest and largest tomb with the richest funerary objects in South China. Zhao Mei, the owner of the tomb, is the second king of Nanyue State of the Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-24 A.D.).

Opening Hours: 9:00 ~ 17:30 every day

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Canton Tower (Guangzhou TV & Sightseeing Tower)

The "Supermodel" Canton Tower is a new landmark of Guangzhou City, topping 600m in height. Unique architectural ideas and design, various of shopping arcades, entertainment facilities and dining option will surely win your "wow".

Opening Hours: 9:00 ~ 22:00 every day

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Zhenhai Tower (Guangzhou Museum)

Located in the Yuexiu Park, Zhenhai Tower (Five-Storey Tower or Wanghai Tower) is now the Guangzhou Museum, offering a chance for visitors to delve into Guangzhou’s history and culture.

Opening Hours: 9:00 ~ 17:00 every day

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Chen Clan Academy

Chen Clan Academy (Guangdong Folk Arts Museum) is honored as the representation of Cantonese architectures and folk arts.

Opening Hours: 8:30 ~ 17:30 every day

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Yuexiu Park

As a traditional landmark of the city, Yuexiu Park is a must-see for Guangzhou tour, and is home to the renowned Five Rams Stone Sculpture, Zhenhai Tower, Ancient City Wall of Ming Dynasty and Sun Yat-sen Monument.

Opening Hours: 6:00 ~ 22:00 every day

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Baiyun Mountain

Baiyun Mountain, the top of the New Eight Sceneries in Guangzhou, Lung of Guangzhou. She was given the priority when the locals plan to do daily exercise, have an ascent to celebrate important festivals or just briefly get away from the downtown.

Opening Hours: 6:00 ~ 21:00 every day

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Guangxiao Temple

Guangxiao Temple, the oldest temple & one of the four most famed temples in Guangzhou with a history of 1,700 years and still in good preservation.

Opening Hours: 6:30 ~ 17:00 every day

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Liurong Temple

Liurong Temple (Six BanyansTemple) and GuangxiaoTemple (Bright Filial Temple) are twin time-honored temples both with a history of over 1,500 years. Interesting is the fact that what makes Liurong Temple celebrated is a colorful ancient pagoda.

Opening Hours: 8:00 ~ 17:00 every day

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Daifushan Forest Park

Occupying a total area of 1,440 acres, Daifushan Forest Park is a wonderful place for leisure, sports and entertainment. The park is one of the best barbecue& bicycle paradise in Guangzhou.

Opening Hours: 8:00 ~ 18:00 every day

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