Guangzhou Marathon 2014 to Be Held on Nov 23

The Guangzhou Marathon 2014, which has opened for sig,-ups on September 10, will be held on November 23, organized by the Guangzhou Government and Guangzhou Sports Bureau. This year, a squad of 200 mini marathon runners will be set up to receive charity donations, which will go to promote youth sports.


Participants can enter a marathon (42.195km), a half marathon(21.0975km)or a mini marathon of 5km. 20,000 people will be allowed to join the event, 5,000 for the marathon, 5,000 for the half marathon and 10,000 for the mini.


Minimum ages for the competition are above 20, 18 and 15 years old, respectively. All participants for the marathon and half marathon are required to show proof or score certificates from any previous marathon competition. Without such proof or scores, participants will be required to join a test run held in the Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center Stadium on October 25.


Interested runners need to attain qualification by clicking on the official website ( between 10:00 on September 10 and 17:00 on September 20. 

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