Enjoy Fun during Breaking Arts Festival

Focusing on cross-border cooperation and innovative creation, the Breaking Arts Festival (BAF) will celebrate its sixth edition on November 5-16 in Guangzhou, with free exhibitions, salons and crossover dance included. Based on the success of the previous five festivals, the sixth Breaking Arts Festival will encourage more artistic innovation, while at the same time regarding the value of local arts as an important part.


First performance - Foxy Eyes: Love Chasers between You and Me- on November 5 and 6 - is going to kick off. The original cross-over drama will unfold the secret stories with different kinds of art forms and performance practices.


It is a blend of traditional and modern art. In the series of music and dance shows "You & Me", the perfect combination, may well refresh your memory of latent emotions. "In and Between" is the theme this year. The exhibition "Between" and the photography salon "The Reappearance of Charm" may show you some attractive interpretations from a whole new aspect. 

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