Guangzhou Book Center Becoming Better City Library

Guangzhou Book Center recently reopened with a fundamental change in its structure, appearance and even operating ideals. It is now a large-scale comprehensive book shop with different cultural products besides paper books. Within easy reach of the locals, the book center has become a better city library.

The new book center looks grand overall. There is a large four-story-high atrium enclosed with several rotatable tall bookshelves. The wooden shelves, together with the wooden floors, go well with the warm light. The reading zones of each floor are smartly separated by walls of books so that the zones are like studies where readers can be fully thrown into the peaceful world. One can be transformed into a Natural atmosphere as some pillars are of a tree trunk design, and a corridor is built under a glass rooftop at the fourth floor.

In face of the impact of online shopping and electronic books, the book center aims to diversify its qualities. Outside of the reading zones are the leisure areas, where locate dazzling and creative cultural products and experiencing centers. The disc shop and stationery store are both expanded to a larger size with more choices for shoppers. Besides the traditional stores, creative designs are also eye-catching, such as the decorative ceramic tiles of rich and colorful patterns. If you are reading a book on a charming site and you feel an impulse of planning a trip there, it would be convenient to turn to the travel agency for help.

Lying on the fourth floor, a zone features books, exhibitions and 'do-it-yourself' activities for parents and their children. It is a significant change in the new library, while it is trying to build more experiencing centers, including one that offers painting programs for children.

Free wi-fi is available in the whole building, which now has five stories in total, including one underground floor. The manager of the book center Bai Yina said there would be a special book bar on the underground floor in the future, but it had not been decided yet whether it would be a 24-hour bar.

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